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25 de Novembro: Pelo fim da violência contra a mulher

De quantos mais exemplos o mundo precisa para acabar com este horror?


NAME: Sujata.
AGE: 31.
DATE: October, 2001.
PLACE: Annada Prasad, Lord Hardinge Union, Lalmohon, Bhola.
PERSONAL: A young housewife.
DESCRIPTION: She was raped at her own home village.

NAME: Rahima.
AGE: 26.
DATE: October, 2001.
PLACE: Narail.
PERSONAL: A Social Worker.
DESCRIPTION: She worked as one of the Awami League polling agents in the General Election of October 1, 2001. Due to this she become the victim of as acid attack by BNP cadres.

NAME: Savitri Das.
AGE: 30.
DATE: October 1, 2001.
PLACE: Gournadi, Barisal.
PERSONAL: A 5 month pregnant house wife.
DESCRIPTION: Soon after the election of October 1, 2001, the local criminals gang raped her before the eyes of her husband.

NAME: Shefali Rani Das.
AGE: 35.
DATE: October 2, 2001.
PLACE: Annada Prasad, Lalmohon, Bhola.
PERSONAL: A house wife.
DESCRIPTION: The one-legged paraplegic was not spared. She could not flee her village and was gang raped.

NAME: Rita Rani Das.
AGE: 8.
DATE: October 4, 2002.
PLACE: Annada Prasad, Lalmohan, Bhola.
PERSONAL: She is a primary school going student.
DESCRIPTION: She fell under the wrath and lust of B.N.P-Jamaat and was gang raped by them repeatedly.

NAME: Purnima Shill.
AGE: 16.
DATE: October 8, 2001.
PLACE: Ulla Para, Shirajganj.
PERSONAL: A student of class ten.
DESCRIPTION: The BNP terrorists snatched away Prunima from her mother's bosom but not before father and mother had been unconscious. They gang raped her after kidnapping her. She was courageous enough to speak of her terrible over in a press conference in Dhaka and expose just one of hundreds of similar instance of gang rape due to political reason.

NAME: Shandya Rani Das.
AGE: 32.
DATE: November, 2001.
PLACE: Mirer Sharai, Chittagong.
PERSONAL: A housewife.
DESCRIPTION: This forlorn house wife was raped and her house looted.

NAME: Simi.
AGE: 23.
DATE: December 23, 2001.
PLACE: Klilgaon, Dhaka.
PERSONAL: A creative art college student.
DESCRIPTION: Getting no justice for her harassment and dishonor in the hands of the BNP activists, she committed suicide in protest and frustration. Those responsible for her death and named in charge sheet of Police, are roaming around freely in the area due to protection of local MP and current Minister for Public Works, Mirza Abbas.

NAME: Mahima.
AGE: 17.
DATE: February 15, 2002.
PLACE: Puthia, Rajshahi.
PERSONAL: Daughter of Abdul Hannan, an Awami League campaigner.
DESCRIPTION: Her father worked in favor of Awami League in the election of October 1, 2001. Terrorists belonging to the Four Party Alliance (BNP-Jamaat-e-Islami) kidnapped her and later, raped her over and over again, they even went on to record the whole period by still camera. When the brutes displayed the pictures of her rape in public, in shame and dishonor Mahima opted to commit suicide.

NAME: Shabnaj Parvin Shathi.
AGE: 4.
DATE: March 7, 2002.
PLACE: Jhenidah.
PERSONAL: She was daughter of Wajed Ali.
DESCRIPTION: She was sadistically murdered after being raped by Khokan, a local leader of JCD. (student wing of BNP.).

NAME: Fahima.
AGE: 15.
DATE: March 15, 2002
PLACE: Mirpur, Dhaka
PERSONAL: She was a high school student.
DESCRIPTION: Shuman, Alim and Nasir, the JCD cadres of Mirpur, used to irritate/tease Fahima relentlessly on March 2 she was kidnapped and taken to an under ground store room. When, after beating her fiercely, raped her time and again. After his traumatic experience Fahima committed suicide.

NAME: Rajufa.
AGE: 7.
DATE: March 21, 2002
PLACE: Baghmara-Konda, Rajshahi
PERSONAL: She is daughter of Rajab Ali, a poor farmer and a supporter of Awami League.
DESCRIPTION: Four local cadres of BNP- Ashraful, Israfil, Rahimuddin and Mokhles broke into the house of Rajab Ali to rape his daughter Rajufa at the dead of the night as an act of political odetta. To facilitate the gang rape, the ruling coalition cadres slit her vagina with a knife and thereafter repeatedly raped her.

NAME: Sheuli.
AGE: 10.
DATE: April 19, 2002
PLACE: Kandra, Puthia, Rajshahi
PERSONAL: A school going girl.
DESCRIPTION: Harun-ur-Rashid, son of an influential local BNP leader, Abdul Jalil, did not even spare this 10 years old girl. Given his ruling coalition links and protection by BNP leadership. Administration has been unable to take any action.

NAME: Josna.
AGE: 23.
DATE: April 4, 2002
PLACE: Miazanpur, Char Fashion, Bhola
PERSONAL: She is a dust and dumb women, daughter of Alhaz Mohammad Ali.
DESCRIPTION: She was raped by BNP cadres on presence of her parents. Her only offence was that her parents supported and worked for Awami League during the last election.

NAME: Lipi.
AGE: 13.
PERSONAL: She is a school going student
DATE: May, 2002
PLACE: Rupgonj,Narayangonj
DESCRIPTION: Another rape victim.

NAME: Chhbi Rani Mondol.
AGE: 25.
PERSONAL: A leader of Rampal upazila Awami League
DATE: August 21, 2002
RESIDENCE: Rampal, Bagerhat
DESCRIPTION: She was abducted by BNP leader his armed cadres from a local bus stand and subsequently taken to the BNP office. The BNP cadres stripped her naked, molested her and cut off her hair. She was beaten with hammer and clubs on the face, chest and forehead. The thugs then took nude photographs of her before throwing her out on the road.

NAME: Mahfuza.
AGE: 32.
PERSONAL: House Wife
DATE: August 30,2002
PLACE: Satkhira
DESCRIPTION: She was gang raped & tortured by BNP cadres. Sheikh Hasina attending Mahfuza.

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Maria disse...

Não queria ter visto este post.
Quando virá o dia em que não é mais necessário falar de violência apenas porque... já não existe?

Um beijo, Sal

LuNAS. disse...


LuNAS. disse...
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GR disse...

Ficamos impotentes perante esta triste realidade.
Denunciá-la é mais um passo, para o seu fim.